4th CherryVale Mall Shooting Prompts Reaction from Businesses


Police still aren’t saying much about the most recent shooting at Cherryvale Mall.  However, nearby businesses express their concerns.  This is the fourth shooting at the mall, in the last two years.  Business Managers and employees say they’re frustrated, which are also motivated by fear.

“Unfortunately, I had to hear ‘there’s yellow tape everywhere but were trying to see if people are still willing to come [in].” said Verizon Employee, Alex Diaz.

The scene Diaz describes is the shooting at CherryVale Mall Sunday morning. One man in custody. Crime scenes are affecting business.  “If I don’t see people, I don’t pay the bills,” said Diaz. He works at Verizon, right outside CherryVale Mall. He says there’s been a dramatic drop in foot traffic, within the six months he’s worked at the store, because of criminal activity.
“It’s affecting me and the business a lot,” said Diaz.  “Mentally, I’m looking out the window and walking around [the store] to not be nervous about it.”

Management at Granite City, just across the street from Sunday’s shooting scene, dealt with nervous customers when shots rang out, putting the restaurant on lockdown. To keep tensions at bay, General Manager David Kirkland bought everyone’s meals, to keep tensions at bay, while trying to reassure his staff.

“They [were] worried and concerned,” said Kirland.  “It’s really [about] standing up and taking a stance and say no more, the good guys get to win, not the bad guys.”

Both businessmen believe it takes an overarching effort from the community, police and public officials to get their businesses and community space back.

“Its everybody,” said Kirkland. “It’s not just our elected officials, our police officers, our fire department, its the community and the people in it as well.”

“My kids come here my family comes here,” said Diaz.”  “I don’t want to hear any bad news, just cause they decided to get Thai food at the mall, or if they wanted some shoes.”

CherryVale Mall released a statement saying in part:
    “Some measures are visible while others are not. However, it is important to note that there has been an increased presence in police and security officers patrolling the inside and outside of the property.”

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