5 Janesville teens arrested for stealing puppy, car, and gas


Five teens, between 14 and 16-years-old, were arrested after stealing a car, gas, and later a puppy from the Janesville Mall.

Janesville Police said they were initially called to 2615 Milton Avenue for a suspect vehicle, a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, that drove off without paying for gas.

Police learned the vehicle was stolen, and were advised that the suspects may be armed.

The vehicle was found, unoccupied, in the parking lot of the Janesville Mall. Officers watched until five teens exited the mall, having just stolen a puppy from Furry Babies.

They fled from the officers, who were able to apprehend all five teens after a foot chase. Three were arrested near Woodman’s, and two at Kentucky Fried Chicken. One of the two teens arrested at KFC was in possession of a loaded 9mm pistol, according to police.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was reported stolen from the Town of Middleton on April 22nd,

The teens were taken to juvenile detention.

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