50 Stateline ComEd Employees Head East To Help With Power Outages After Nor’easter


After a monstrous storm of what many are calling a bomb cyclone ripped through the Northeast, help is on the way. Local crews from ComEd headed east to help restore power to more than a million homes. More than 200 workers from the Chicago land area left Saturday.

Local crews met early Saturday morning to plan what they needed to do before they left. “(Our) plan (is) to restore as many customers as possible, they’ve had some high winds, some heavy snow, a lot of broken limbs, lots of wire down, so our job is to try and restore as many people as possible”, said Mike Meathe, ComEd’s West Region Director of Distribution Operations.

Rockford ComEd employee Steve Borcherts has been out to the East coast before to help restore power after storms. “I’ve been out to the east coast about 6 different times, the last time Hurricane Sandy we went out there for about 19 days,” Borcherts said. “We have been out plenty of times to help”, he added.

ComEd is also assisting in Puerto Rico, while still making sure they have enough power line workers here to deal with local outages. While it’s an inconvenience for these workers and their families, it’s a sacrifice they’re happy to make. “Our vision at ComEd and what we live by is we power lives so this is a great example of not only what we do in our own communities throughout all of ComEd but how we can help others in need”, said West Region Vice President Valerie Colletti.

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