Just weeks after city leaders approved to have dockless bike share company LimeBike come to Rockford, 500 of the bikes will be rolled out for public use Saturday.

“As far as Illinois we’re the first dock free bike share coming here,” said LimeBike Operations Manager Will Piper.  For a dollar per half hour, residents can ride LimeBikes wherever they please. But, how exactly do you get one?

After downloading and making an account on the LimeBike smartphone app, you press the ‘unlock’ button at the bottom of your screen, scan one of several barcodes housed on the bike and you are good to go. Once your ride is finished, to lock the bike, you push the red tab near the back wheel down to it’s original position. You can check how long and how much the ride was by clicking on the receipt option in the top right corner of the app.

“It allows you to kind of have a different view of the city in a way if you don’t have your own bike,” Piper said. “You’re a little more engaged with the city at that point,” he added. Saturday morning you will see the bikes parked just off the sidewalks in downtown Rockford, Machesney Park, and Loves Park.

“It gives us a great opportunity to see how it works for our community, again it’s at no cost to the community directly,” said Rockford City Administrator Todd Cagnoni. Depending on how much it is used, the city could add more LimeBikes to the streets.

“Related to the bike share program we’ll want to make sure that the improvements that are in existence are comfortable for bicycles to use,” Cagnoni said. “Whether that bicycle improvement is striping or an alternative method we’ll want to evaluate that,” he added.

Riders can celebrate the Rockford launch with the code LIMEROCKFORD for $3 in ride credits.