517 New Cases of the Flu Hit Rockford


New flu statistics from the Winnebago County Health Department shows the sickness continuing to spread.

The health department now reporting 517 new cases through the third week of January.  There’ve been nearly 2,000 cases reported since the flu season began in October.  Todd Kisner, the department’s Director for Center of Health Protection predicts things will get worse before they get better and urges the Stateline to take precautions.

“It’s not too late to vaccinate,” said Kisner.  “If you haven’t gotten your flu… get your flu shot and practice the three C’s: cover, contain, and clean.”

The flu is having an impact beyond households. At the Rockford Rescue Mission, so many people have been sick, most of their supples have ran out. They are left in need of any types of medication or supplies.

“We have an immediate need for Vick’s Vapor rub and Baby Vick’s,” said Dir. of Communications Valerie Peterson.  “We could also use some decongestants the type without dextromethorphan, vitamin B-12, [or] multi-vitamins.”

Kisner adds that if you catch the flu, the best thing you can do is to not spread it to others.

“Stay home.  Whether it’s from work, from school, from activities in the community in your church, groups outside, stay home because flu can follow.  You can be contagious for 7 days.”

Health officials warn flu season could linger into May.  It typically ends around March.

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