6 Weeks Since Emily Anderson Disappeared Without A Trace


It has now been six weeks since 25 year-old Emily Anderson went missing. The Loves Park woman vanished without a trace on June 18th. Since, her friends and family haven’t given up searching for her.

Volunteers arrived at the Gordman’s parking lot in Machesney Park ready to spend another day dedicated to trying to bring Emily Anderson home.  The Loves Park woman went missing six weeks ago on Sunday. Time may be passing, but the dedication of volunteers, like Amy Foss, has not wavered.

“We have daughters of our own, It’s broken our hearts that Emily has gone missing,” said Foss. “We just want to do everything we can to help in our power.”

The search has stretched beyond Machesney Park, where Emily was last seen at the Steak n’ Shake off Illinois 173. Volunteers are searching in surrounding areas.
Leader of the search party, Rachel Kersch Libowski says she tries to think of areas that are logical to investigate.

“I have a game plan that i look at the area in which were going to be searching in my mind,” said Libowski.

Libowski says, each day, they see enough people come out to form multiple teams.  Friend of Emily Anderson, Corey Dixson says, helps make progress on the case.

“To be honest, I got to say, I’m trying to find her. I’m trying to make sure everyone does their job, to make sure that she gets home safely,” said Dixon. “Hopefully, that with the turns outs we do get and the teams we have that eventually something will be found, hopefully.”

Foss says while she searches the landscape for clues, she can’t help but put herself in the shoes of Emily Anderson’s family.

“The heartache the family must be feeling to not know anything, praying the whole time that might be out there that maybe we can find a clue to where she is,” said Foss.  “Almost hoping we don’t find anything because we don’t want to bring the family bad news, yet wanting to find something to bring her home…just so many mixed emotions.”

Libowski says the volunteers going out in their spare time is helpful to police. She says every piece of information is vital to their search for Emily.

“Every lead being investigated no lead is too small in their minds,” said Libowski. “They want every lead.  Anything that you think is suspicious call it in. They want those leads they want Emily home, as much as we want Emily home.”

Any information on the case is urged to call Loves Park Police.

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