CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — When Stormie and Jim Wright moved into their new Chesapeake home, they got an unexpected surprise.

“He wrote her so much,” Stormie said. “They wrote each other. It’s really sweet.”

The Wrights moved in less than a month ago on Fernwood Farms Road. It is their first home and they wanted to check out every inch.

In the attic, buried in a corner, under several layers dust and insulation, was a box holding dozens of letters. 

“I hope you are feeling better today,” Stormie read.

From husband to wife. 

“It’s very interesting to see that this was the only way they communicated when he was on deployment,” Stormie added.

Robert and Ethel Davis were married for 48 years. They first moved into this home in 1963 when it was first built. Robert was stationed on the USS Valley Forge.

“It immediately gives me goosebumps just thinking about it,” she said.

The love affair lasted until Ethel passed away in the 90s, Robert in 2012.

“I would have never in a million years tossed these letters,” Wright added.

Stormie jumped on her phone, and through websites was able to track down the Davis family. They still live in the area.

“I ran around the house screaming to my husband how happy we were that we had found the daughter of Robert and Ethel,” Stormie added.

The letters written in the mid to late 50s will soon be returned.

“I think they would be really excited to know that another young couple is living in the home and treasure it the way they did,” Stormie said.