ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Many parents like to get creative when it comes to teaching kids life lessons. That’s exactly what one Stateline dad is doing in order to teach his son the value of a dollar.

We’ve all had our moments where we’ve learned about the importance of responsibility. We caught up with a local 7-year-old who says his father is teaching him that lesson early on.

Jameson Knautz is seven years old and he’s been asking his dad for a couple of things.

“A dirt bike and a PlayStation 5,” Jameson said, to be exact. But instead of just buying it for him, his father Doug had another idea.

“He was just asking for all this expensive stuff and I told him ‘You have to get a job, man.’ So, I had a friend pay someone to come over and pick up their dog’s mess so I just came up with the idea [thinking] ‘man let put a post out there and see what happens,'” said Doug Knautz.

Doug posted on Facebook, saying his son was available to do some chores for community members–and the response was overwhelming. He said he got hundreds of comments and around 30 things added to the to-do list.

He says working hard for what you want is a lesson he wants to teach his son.

“Teach him that it’s OK to work hard and make money. And teach him the value of a dollar and just doing quality work showing up on time. You know, basic life lessons,” said Knautz.

From the looks of it, he’s learning a lot.

“If you don’t get paid you can’t get something like food that’s important and snacks that’s not important,” said Jameson.

So far, they’ve raised $385 and are eager for even more work.

“It makes me very proud. Very proud.” said Knautz.

If you’re interested in giving Jameson some more work, contact Doug at