Freeport police have arrested a man they claim was selling handguns illegally, helping fuel what they say is a serious problem of illegal gun violence in the community.

Andrew Scott Shipley was arrested Monday morning on allegations he sold two handguns to people who did not possess FOID cards, one of which was traced to a crime scene.  The two counts of Unlawful Sale or Delivery of Firearms are Class 4 Felonies.  Bond has been set at $40,000.

Police say the investigation began in June of 2015 when a handgun with a partially obliterated serial number was recovered during a criminal investigation.  The gun was sent to the state’s Crime Lab, which was able to determine the serial number.  That in turn led them to Shipley, who they say illegally sold the guns in 2013.

Such sales police say help criminals who should not have guns obtain them to use in the commission of crimes, and say arrests such as this is one way the Freeport Police Department can combat illegal gun violence.