ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — We’ve all been there. Your neighbor is hosting a backyard barbeque or dinner party and the coleslaw just didn’t sit right.

Soon, you find yourself purging yourself upon the porcelain throne, and a handful of 2-ply barely does the job.

You flush and overload the plumbing, and that’s when the toilet water spills all over the floor.

The question is: who is responsible for paying the plumber? You, or your neighbor?

According to Maura Graber, the editor of Etiquipedia Etiquette Encyclopedia, “The best way to handle any situation like this is to be completely honest. If the toilet is clogged after you have used it, you need to let your host or hostess know as soon as possible. A plumber may need to be called. Any polite and understanding host or hostess will let you off the hook.”

“If you think it is an easy fix, act like a responsible adult and offer to clear the clog if you know how,” Graber told SimpleMost. “It’s entirely possible that this is a recurring issue for the host or hostess. They may be much more understanding than you think.”

Experts say if the incident is caused by negligence on your part, you should prepare yourself for a plumbing bill.

Your neighbor could sue you for damages in small claims court.