ILLINOIS – Got some rare valuables, collections or antiques piling up in your home? If you’re looking to declutter, and you live in Illinois, there’s a unique opportunity available this summer.

You’ve likely seen “American Pickers” on the History Channel. The well-known antique hunters will make their way to Illinois soon. They’re looking to pick from homes, garages, and large private storage places around the Land of Lincoln.

“American Pickers” debuted in 2010 with Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and Danielle Coby leading operations for Antique Archaeology in Iowa. The show is currently in its 23rd season, traveling around the United States to find rare artifacts and highlight their historical or cultural impact.

More than a decade later, Mike and his brother Robbie continue to search for hidden treasures. They will be visiting Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan throughout July looking for items deemed as “rare,” “historical,” “significant,” or “cool.”

Keep in mind, the pickers only buy from people’s private collections, not items already in retail stores, flea markets or public settings.

If you have a collection or know someone with a collection that might qualify for the pickers, contact their main phone line at 646-493-2184 or email Prospective sellers will need to include their full name, city and state, contact information and a brief description of the collection.