A new report detailing contributions from out-of-state to the campaign war chests of candidates for Governor show that both Illinois and Wisconsin received a large amount of funding from donors who lived out of state.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) received a whopping $22,427,086 in donations from outside the state of Wisconsin during his 2012 recall election campaign.  That’s 60% of the money he raised according to the National Institute of Money in Politics, and a 2873% increase over what he received in 2010.

During Walker’s successful re-election campaign in 2014, the $16,104,144 he raised from out-of-state donors amounted to nearly half his total campaign contributions.

Perhaps surprisingly, the candidate from Illinois who received the second largest jump in outside money into his 2014 campaign was former Governor Pat Quinn (D) in a losing effort.

In both cases, the Institute found that the candidate’s races had garnered nationwide attention, and therefore cash sympathetic to their cause from donors who would not be impacted in any real way by their victory or loss.

“Most of these incumbents would be considered household names,” the Institute notes.  “A few years before his presidential bid, Scott Walker collected $22.4 million in out-of-state contributions in the closely watched 2012 Wisconsin recall election, a 2,873 percent increase over his 2010 total. In 2014, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn more than doubled his 2010 out-of-state contribution total in a race against the most well-funded candidate in Illinois history running for a seat CNN deemed “critical” for Democrats to maintain.”

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