Analysis Shows Illinois Suffering from a ‘Jobs Recession’


The state is really lagging behind its neighbors when it comes to adding jobs. A new study shows Illinois’ jobs are on the decline since 1998. A lot has changed since then, but one thing remains the same.

“Not only have we not recovered from the recession in 2008, we have not recovered from the recession from 1998.”

For the past 17-years, the state has been in a job recession. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a total of 5.9 million jobs in September. That’s the same number from 1998.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to change when something has been that way for so long.”

Some say the state’s budget issues are to blame.

“I think they can’t find jobs and our job market here has been down so much because of the numbers and the state budget.”

The Illinois Policy Institute says the lack of solid jobs forces residents to look elsewhere and move out of state.

“Manufacturing in particular states, like Ohio and Indiana and Michigan, are booming with the new manufacturing jobs. In fact, Illinois was on the negative.”

When compared to other states, our neighbors have put us to shame.

“This year alone, compared to other states, Illinois only added 2,200 jobs, compared to Michigan who created 40,000 jobs.”

The biggest hit was to manufacturing. Since 1998, Illinois has lost 340,000 manufacturing jobs.

Those businesses have lost jobs throughout 2015 with a total of 12,500 manufacturing jobs through September, while neighboring states added thousands: Michigan added 17,000; Indiana added 6,000; Wisconsin added 1,400 and Ohio added 8,500.

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