Animal shelters urging residents to adopt a dog as ‘puppy season’ begins


As the temperatures start warming up, local animal shelters are gearing up for puppy season. Animal shelters across the stateline area are seeing a huge increase in the amount of stray dogs and cats coming in, looking for their forever homes.

Matt Idzikowski is the first time foster parent of three puppies he adopted from CARE for Pets.

I’m just an animal lover, so I think, anytime you can give back to the community, it’s a good thing to do, he said.

CARE for Pets just took in eight new puppies, both Boxer mixes and Rottweiler mixes.

There’s huge need in our community for good pet owners, said Idzikowski. The county, right now, has a ton of dogs and I think anytime you can help is fantastic. It’s the right thing to do.

More puppies are placed into animal shelters when the weather gets warmer, according to Stephanie Hicks, Executive Director of CARE for PETS. 

When the weather becomes warm, then they are out more and when one neighbor’s dog, that’s unaltered, and another neighbor’s dog, that’s unaltered, are both outside now, creating liters of puppies. When, maybe, in the winter, they’re not out as much, she said.

It’s a problem which ultimately hurts these little ones just looking for someone to love.

There is such an influx of them that sometimes, it’s difficult to find them homes. The answer really is spay and neuter. We do not have enough access to spay/neuter for what the need is, Hicks said.

Hicks says spay and neutering is important, but not everyone can afford it, leading to an overpopulation of puppies.

We know, from being in the field and dealing with community members, 85-percent of them do want to alter their pets. They just do not have the funds to do so, she said.

One option to help the dogs is that they find foster homes. 

Idzikowski says being at home makes it easier for them to transition to their forever home.

You want the new owners an the puppy to start out on the right foot, he said.

CARE for PETS is hosting a meet and greet on April 8th at Five Forks Restaurant beginning at 8p.m. for those interested in fostering a pet.

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