Are your kids ready for a return for the back-to-school sleep schedule?


Back to school preparations are in full effect, as most students plan on returning to class within the next two weeks. But are they – and their parents – ready to get back into the school sleeping schedule?

Doctors say younger kids and teenagers should begin re-adjusting their sleep schedules about two weeks before school resumes.

Students going from no planned schedule in the morning, to suddenly having a set schedule, can have impacts on their health.

“So, when the school starts, all of a sudden you have to wake up at 7 or 6:30 to be ready for school at 8 in the morning,” said Yaser Zeater, a physician at Swedish American Hospital. “You cannot adjust the human body, and the brain does not adjust that quickly. It has to be a gradual change.”

Dr. Zeater says two weeks should be enough time to get children acclimated to the new sleep schedule.

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