(WTVO) — A lawsuit seeking to block the Illinois Department of Corrections vaccine mandate will commence, says downstate attorney Thomas DeVore.

DeVore, who unsuccessfully ran for Illinois attorney general last fall, says the complaint will move forward even though IDOC has dropped its requirement that all corrections workers be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Right now, in front of the [Fifth District Appellate Court], we still have a case pending on behalf of my department of correction employees,” DeVore told WMAY. “We are not going anywhere.”

DeVore says the only reason IDOC dropped the vaccine mandate last week is because the department has been having difficulties finding workers.

“As of Jan. 10, the vaccine and testing requirement for all DOC employees is gone because their union is trying to patronize them, so they don’t keep losing membership,” DeVore said.

Department of corrections policy no longer requires unvaccinated workers to test for COVID-19 weekly. The mandate went into effect in 2021, The Center Square reported Monday.

Numerous workers who refused to get vaccinated or submit to testing were fired, DeVore said.

“Yeah, there were people fired,” he said. “I heard from my friends that are pretty high up in the organization, and they are starting to call many of them back and have been sending the correspondence saying, ‘OK, we are going to reinstate you, be here on Monday.'”