Auburn Credits Team Diversity for Quiz Bowl Season Success


Watch the Auburn Stateline Quiz Bowl team  and you’ll notice more than that they’re very good. The two-time defending Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl champions also look different from they’re competitors. They have a diversity of ethnicity and background they feel gives them an edge.

Morad Suliman was born in Eqypt into a family that is from Sudan. Lilly Chavez’s parents came here from Mexico. William Jaing’s parents are from China. But all of the students have one thing in common: they bring with them a work ethic they say comes from their parents that helps them thrive in America.

“My parents have seen hardship and struggle and they’ve seen they know the value of hard work,” said William Jaing.

“Especially for them to get to where they are at least, like they’ve had to work hard, so I see in myself I know I have to work hard too,” said Lilly Chavez.

They also feel a little bit blessed knowing a little bit more about the world from growing up in two cultures and not just one.

“I’m always happy to share my culture and values with other people,” said Morad Suliman.

Moran Suliman is also a Muslim. He says he is well aware of the atrocities committed in the name of his religion. Suliman sees an opportunity in how he lives his own life here to fight back against their hijacking of the reputation of Islam.

“Whatever Isis or Al Queda or Al Shabab are doing is not really representative of Islam at all and I want to help to bring others to that realization,” said Suliman.

William Jaing says there is one more big benefit to being an American born to immigrant parents: the food his father cooks for him.

“I fancy him the best chef in Rockford because I always get to eat really good Chinese food,” said Jaing.

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