Avoid being scammed while holiday shopping online with these simple tips


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A record number of people are expected to do their holiday shopping online, which can lead to more consumers falling for scams. We spoke with a local expert who gave us tips on what to do before you check out.

“Due in large part to the pandemic, most consumers are expected to do or at least some if not ALL of their shopping online,” said Dennis Horton of the Rockford Regional Office Better Business Bureau.

This also means shoppers should be aware of online scammers.

“Pretty much across the board, all scams are on the rise. The number of scams that have perpetuated during the pandemic has frankly been astronomical and somewhat surprising,” Horton added.

Dennis Horton, the director of Rockford Region BBB has some key tips for shoppers.

“People shopping online aren’t paying attention to where the products are coming from. They are simply excited about getting it that they don’t know it’s coming from China and when it doesn’t arrive, they find from us that there’s little we can do to help them,” said Horton.

If a price on an item seems too good to be true, be certain to do your research to make sure the business is legitimate.

“Beware of where that purchase is coming from and don’t be enticed by price alone,” Horton said. “It will be those drastically reduced offers that you will see that will lure you in to be scammed by an unscrupulous retailer if they really exist.”

Also, make sure to pay attention to details of the item list.

“We should make it a habit is to read the fine print. Make sure you have read the fine print and you research the business before you buy anything with them so you at least have an idea of who you are dealing with,” Horton added.


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