Ban on Animal Abusers Owning Guns Pushed


An organization is looking to take guns out of the hands of animal abusers.

The Illinois Crime Commission (ICC) wants to propose legislation preventing offenders to buy or apply for guns.

The Humane Society says it’s alarming how many animal abuse cases are reported annually, but a bigger concern of the group are those which never get attention.

Studies show violent offenders often turn their anger toward others.

“Get involved in violence quite often start with animals. It’s a proven phenomenon and it is, in fact, the FBI establish it as a proven phenomenon part of their psychological profile.”

It’s why ICC wants to make sure those who abuse, torture or kill animals can’t get their hands on a gun. The organization is looking to draft legislation banning people convicted of animal abuse from getting a FOID card and even revoking it if they had one prior to a conviction.

McBride says current laws already try to prevent these people from getting animals.

“Kind of already, this acknowledgement between a link between violence and caring for an animal. With all this work that has been done in this area, it may not be that great of a leap to be honest with you.”

But, she doesn’t disagree it could be taken one step further.

“Cruel manners, like torture, it’s a signal this person already has an appetite for violence and do we want to put guns in their hands?”

Any gun legislation has had its difficulties passing in the Capitol. However, ICC says it has the thumbs up from the Rifle Association.

ICC says the proposal needs attention after the Texas shooter, who killed 26 people in a Sutherland Springs church, bought animals online and says he used them as “target practice.”

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