(KTLA) – This one’s for the beer lover in your life.

Miller Lite has formally launched a line of drinkable holiday décor they’ve dubbed “Beernaments.” A Beermanent is basically what it sounds like: a functional Christmas ornament decked out with Miller Lite’s logo, complete with space for — you guessed it — beer.

The ornament is designed to fit around an 8-ounce can of the brand’s eponymous light beer (in theory, if you’re not into Miller Lite, you could also place your own preferred can inside — at least, provided it’s 8-ounces). After consuming the alcoholic beverage, you can then add a bit of festive cheer to your or someone else’s Christmas tree by adding the decoration via the hook and tab it comes with, according to a news release.

“Simply assemble the Beernament and a group of friends to instantly transform Christmas time into Miller Time. Crack, drink, and hang while you hang,” Miller Lite’s website states.

The drinkable ornaments went on sale at noon Tuesday online at Beernaments.com, but the website quickly sold out of its daily allotment.

However, there’s still hope if you missed out. Miller Lite says it will continue to sell limited supplies each day through Dec. 16, according to the website, so check back daily if you’re not initially able to snag one.

A six-pack of Beernaments retails for $19.75.

“We know that people are looking forward to more intimate holiday celebrations this year, which means more Miller Time with close friends and loved ones,” said Sofia Colucci, the global vice president of Miller family of brands, stated in the release. “Our Beernaments are not only hilarious, but a great way to keep the holidays bright for beer lovers everywhere, from drinks to décor.”