Behind The Badge: Drivers Caught On Camera Violating Scott’s Law


A video from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office is going viral in the Stateline, showing a group of deputies almost hit by a driver while on a traffic stop. It’s now serving as an example of just how dangerous traffic stops can be for police.

“That should be an eye opening experience for everybody, just to see the dangers presented when we’re outside of a vehicle,” said Boone County Deputy Nicholas Funk. “There’s times when you can feel the wind from a vehicle as it passes you on the side of the road.”  

The driver seen nearly hitting the deputies was eventually charged with DUI. This is sparking a conversation about Scott’s Law, the “Move Over Law.”

Scott’s Law was put into place after a Chicago Fire Lieutenant was hit and killed by a driver assisting at a crash site in 2000, and required Illinois drivers to change lanes, if possible, for police or emergency vehicles. A 2017 upgrade to the law requires drivers to move over for any vehicle on the side of the road with hazard lights flashing.

“Generally when we’re making traffic stops, there’s really not a good place to make them,” says Deputy Funk.

“I’ve had incidents where I was on a traffic stop, at the driver’s window, and I turned back to walk at my vehicle to do some paperwork, and there was a vehicle coming up along side my vehicle–so close I had to jump in the bed of the truck that I stopped,” he continues.

This is a major concern to Boone County Sheriff Dave Ernest, who sees the danger to his deputies first hand.

“Please go around our officers. Please pay attention and yield to them when you see them on the roadway,” said Ernest. 

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