Beloit College holds vaccine clinic to help lower COVID cases in young people


BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Local doctors stress that the COVID vaccine can keep people out of the hospital.

That’s why workplaces, health departments, hospitals, and schools are encouraging everyone who can to get vaccinated.

In Rock County alone, those ages 16 to 24 make up a large amount of the new COVID-19 cases. It’s an issue Beloit College hopes to tackle by getting students vaccinated.

Jimmy Velasco is a senior at Beloit College and he’s already on his way to being fully vaccinated.

“I just got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine from Beloit and yeah it was a little nerve-racking but I got it done,” he said.

All this week, Beloit Vollege held a vaccine clinic at the school. The director of health and wellness says they had a good group of students sign up.

“We’ll end at about 150 to 160 students that got the vaccine on campus, but by no means is that all of our students that are vaccinated. So many were able to go to the local community and get it that way as well,” said Tara Girard, the director of health and wellness.

Freshman Alex Edrenatou didn’t hesitate getting the shot after seeing a rise in the positivity rate in younger people.

“I’m doing it not just to protect myself but also people around me,” he explained.

“Sadly it’s kind of our group it makes sense because we’re young and kind of reckless a little bit,” added Velasco.

The students say they feel safer in doing their part in helping lower COVID cases in their community,

“I’m glad I’m doing my part at least and flattening the curve for my age group. So, I hope others are kind of thinking the same and getting the vaccine as well,” added Velasco.

“Do it for your safety do it for your friends because you know what covid is doing to people we’ve seen the results of it and I think taking the steps to get your vaccine is only going to put you on the safe side,” said Endrenatou.

We are told this is the only clinic BeloitCollege will hold this semester. Anyone over the age of 16 can get the vaccine.

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