Beloit College releases ‘Mindset List’ for graduating class of 2022

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Beloit College has released its annual “Mindset List,” each year they put it out with “shocking” facts on the upcoming college class.

College staff began creating the list for internal distribution to teachers, in an effort to help them understand the mindset of incoming students.

This year, it’s information for the college Class of 2022

For incoming freshmen born in 2000, human beings have always been living in space, the United States has always been in Afghanistan, and same-sex marriage has always been legal somewhere, according to the latest list.

Some takeaways:

They have always been able to refer to Wikipedia;

Calcutta has always been Kolkata;

There have always been more than two gender categories on forms;

Their parents have always been watching Big Brother;

“You’ve got mail” sounds ancient to them.

For the full list, click here.

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