Beloit Dog Scalded after being Left in Hot Water


A dog that suffered horrific burns after being left in scalding hot water is recovering. Some of the images of the animal are disturbing.  However, the outpouring of support has been heartwarming.

“She’s just a wonderful dog.  Everyday [she’s] turning into an even better dog,” said Jennefer Lueck about her new foster dog, Sunny.

Sunny wears a compression vest.  Underneath it are bandages that cover burns all over her body.

“[It’s} the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen,” said Lueck.  “Especially in my career.  It’s unimaginable.”

The burns extend to Sunny’s neck and head.  This comes after Sunny’s former owner stands accused of bathing her in scalding hot water just one month ago.
Penny Coder, veterinarian at Humane Society

“Right away she was a hard case to take on.,” said Humane Society Veterinarian Penny Coder.  “She had extensive burn wounds on 25% of her body, second to third degree burns mostly.  She was in ICU for four days before being transferred to foster care.”

Lueck works for the Humane Society in Janesville and was there the night sunny came in.  Sunny underwent five surgeries, and during recovery the two instantly bonded.

“With everything she’s went through and the condition she was in, she rolled over on her back and wanted me to pet her belly,” said Lueck.

Sunny has to have her bandages changed every four days.

“We were expecting much more emotional trauma, but she’s just a happy dog,” said Coder.

Sunny’s recovery is going well.   She’s able to run around a 2-acre fenced yard with Lueck’s other dog and her daughter Peighton.

“Can’t thank Jennefer enough that [Sunny] is in such a loving home for recovery,” said Coder.  “If she had been in the hospital the whole time, she wouldn’t have recovered as fast.”

“It’s been a long road, but we’ve come pretty far and shes doing fantastic,” said Lueck.

Sunny’s former owner, Cody Sholes, faces a felony charge of mistreating animals.      He pleaded not guilty in rock county court wednesday.  Sholes told Beloit Police it was an accident.

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