Beloit Police host Cone With A Cop in an effort to reach out to local youth

BELOIT, WI - The City of Beloit Police Department wants to span the gap between police and the youth of the community. They hosted Cone With A Cop on Wednesday in an effort to create bonds with their smaller residents.

"We thought about this a couple months ago," said City of Beloit Police Department Lieutenant Andre Sayles. "How can we go out and reach our community in a positive manner? To have those positive contacts with our community, instead of always going to their homes and their residence because of criminal activity and things like that."

Many lined up to get their hands on some dessert -- including Jim Kirchhoff and his family. He says it's important for his kids to become familiar with their local law enforcement.

"I think kids at a young age can bond with the policemen," said Kirchhoff. "It's a great thing for them to learn immediately when they're young."

Tania Walker agrees, she believes coming to events like this one sets an example for children.

"It takes a community to come together, other parents and their kids, to see that it's okay," said Walker.

Police officers played a round of tag on the playground with attending children. Residents hope the officer's outreach can paint them in a different light.

"It's just a good way for the kids to interact with the police so they know they're helpers of the community," said said Kirchhoff.

"[It's important] to see [officers] as normal people and to interact with them. To not always see them while they're doing their job."
Sayles says that's exactly what he hopes residents will see from the department moving forward. He adds it's important for them to show the community that they're residents just like they are.

"The custard that we get from Culver's, we enjoy that too," said Sayles. "Going out and playing basketball, throwing a football around with the kids and taking picture with the kids."

The City of Beloit Police Department will be hosting another Cone With A Cop on August 22nd at Riverside Park.

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