A video shared on Facebook captures the moments when a 16-year-old is beaten by several teens in Beloit. 

“When I was on the ground I kind of felt helpless,” Josh Musick says, describing the intense moments when he’s beaten badly by four teens on the way to play basketball near Beloit Memorial High School last Thursday after school let out.   “I felt terrified because my friends just turned around and left me.”

The fight lasted more than a minute, attackers ganging up on Musick.  Video captured by a bystander shows the teens repeatedly kicking and punching Musick as he lies helpless on the ground.   “There was a bruise on my back, but I think it’s gone now, because the dude hit me with a Timberland boot,” he says.

Police say it was an arranged fight between the victim and one of the suspects who he had a previous confrontation with, but more people jumped in.  But Musick says that’s not how it started.   “I was just going down there to play basketball with some of my friends, which he showed up there and I had no idea he was going to be there.”

When the fight started and the teens ganged up on him, he says, “All I could really do is go down to the ground and protect my head.”

Beloit High School officials remaining tight lipped about the investigation. They suspended Musick until Thursday, saying it was for his safety.

Beloit Police have charged three attackers with criminal offenses including Aggravated Battery and Theft for stealing his backpack.  His mother says that’s not enough.  “When kids do stuff like that there has to be repercussions on it,” Jill Musick says, “because that’s why it goes on so frequently because there isn’t any.”

The fourth suspect seen in the video has not yet been charged.  As we reported Tuesday, the bystanders including those who recorded the fight could also be charged with misdemeanors.