BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Beloit Police are warning residents that teens are driving around engaging in gun battles with toy pellet guns and shooting at people.

According to police, authorities are seeing increased reports of juveniles using air-powered Orbeez guns, which fire a pea-sized pellet, shooting at unaware residents.

On Monday, officers stopped a car in which a teen was sitting on the window sill of a car, firing his weapon as the car was in motion. Police said the teen was not ejected when the car came to an abrupt stop. The shooter was cited and the gun was seized, police said.

Police said offenders will be charged with Discharge of a Firearm if caught and could face Battery charges if an injury is reported.

“We ARE NOT driving around looking for people having fun and using these guns. We have plenty of things for us to work on, but if the actions of some are causing injuries, or they are shooting at people who don’t want to be shot at they can, and likely will be cited,” police said.