Belvidere Animal Shelter Shuts Down


A longtime animal shelter in the Stateline area shuts down.

The new caretakers of the Fresh Start Animal Rescue in Belvidere said they had little choice after seeing conditions there. Angels 4 Animals held an open house to show people the poor conditions in which dogs and cats were being kept. The mold in the rooms, ripped walls, and dirty floors were all on display as visitors toured the shelter for the first time. Many of them were left speechless. Cages that were once filled with dogs and cats now sit empty. Fresh Start board members brought on Angels 4 Animals, an animal advocacy group, two months ago to turn around the shelter.

“When I walked in and I saw the animals and the way they were, it’s heartbreaking,” said Angels 4 Animals Vice President Amy Mehalko. “It was absolutely heartbreaking to come in and see the animals crying and barking.”

Mehalko says the deplorable conditions were never known because the previous managers wouldn’t allow anyone to see where the animals were kept, not even Fresh Start’s own board members. Mehalko says her group tried to save Fresh Start, but couldn’t.

“This building was not meant at any time to house animals,”  said Angels4Animals President Kathy Mehalko. “This building was not safe for the animals.”

“We’re very sorry for having to shut the doors but it was truly a last decision for all of us,” said Amy Mehalko. “We tried every avenue that we could.”

Many puppies at the shelter became sick due to the conditions. A total of 85 animals lives were lost at Fresh Start last year alone. Mehalko created a binder made up of people who adopted pets at the shelter. Every one of them had a pet with a major health issue. One of those owners was Carrie McCallum. She adopted a puppy named Carl. He died shortly after taking him home.

“After I found out what was going on here, I just had to come back here for Carl,” said McCallum.

The animals that lived at Fresh Start have been placed at foster homes or other rescues. Everything inside the building is for sale.

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