Belvidere Fire Witnesses Reveal Details on the Blaze


Belvidere fire fighters were kept busy for hours after reports of an apartment covered in flames.

Jamie Page went to check on friends who lived in the Jackson building. She recalls her emotions when she saw the intense fire.

“It was kind of scary and then you hear just people screaming and windows breaking,” she says.

All that remained were broken windows and a collapsed roof. Thirteen people were sent to the hospital out of the 24 displaced residents .

“Driving past, I thought it was just wood burning, just a fire on a cold night, but it wasn’t. It was more than that. It was a whole house,” said Page.

Witnesses said the clouds of smoke were so large it was difficult to see.

“It was just plowing with smoke. You couldn’t see a thing,” said Page.

Witnesses said residents were seen jumping out of their windows and passing people to safety.

Rebecca Spriggs, was a witness to the rescue.

“I did watch the firefighters helping the people down the ladders and I do believe I seen one being handed off in an infant car seat,” she says.

The maintenance provider, Leon Patnaud, said, rescue teams responded in time to help the fire victims.

“I seen the fire department all over the place, and people running all over the place and i just came to check that everyone was out of the building,” said Leon Patnaud.

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