Belvidere Neighborhood Still in Storm Recovery, Suffering from Sewage Issues


One family in Belvidere is still having a tough time recovering from the Wednesday night storms, but this isn’t the first time that they’ve come across an issue with sewage back up. Now, they’re taking it up with the city of Belvidere. The Larson family has lived in their home for about 20 years and have gone through four damaging sewage backups. 

After Wednesday night’s storms, sewage came pouring out of the toilet causing flooding in the Larson’s basement.  Belvidere’s sewage system creating a mess in their home. Belvidere resident, Robert Larson said the back up cost the Larson’s thousands for repairs and cleaning.

“This is one of the worst we’ve experienced sewage issues,” said Larson.  “It was approximately 12-13 inches of raw sewage in the basement”

Belvidere Director of Public Works, Brent Anderson, says the cause of the back up in the Larson’s home still being looked into by the city.

“The station appeared to be operating on a regular basis, as it should have been,” said Anderson. “There were no outages to the station itself. Something else must have caused the back up to occur.”

The City Public Works Department  allows residents to install back up preventative devices, which can be costly.  However, the city of Belvidere only helps so much

“The city will participate 50% of the cost, up to a maximum $2500 dollars,” said Anderson.

Larson doesn’t think the split cost is fair.

“I’m paying for a service we pay for the water and sewer we pay for the product,” said Larson.  “You provide a service and you’re not living up to your end of the bargain.”

The Larson’s are concerned about covering the costs while dealing with the harsh reality of raw sewage in their home.  Which not only is it a large task to clean up and replace items that were damaged, but Shelley Larson says, it also is a hazard to them

“It’s more than what we can deal with for the fourth time,” said Larson. “The bacteria, we were told by the professionals at serve pro, that – that is floating in the air and you are breathing it.”

The family is still living in their home.  They are also considering filing a lawsuit against the city.

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