Belvidere North students say preparation key to playing Stateline Quiz Bowl


Teams from thirty-two local high schools compete each season in the Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl. The fast paced, half hour TV game show features some of the brightest students in the area. 

Long before the students of Belvidere North’s Scholastic Team hit the stage, they’ve gone through hours of practice and preparation. They’re used to competing in academic bowls, but the Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl offers some new twists.

Tanner Mateus, a student at Belvidere North said, “It’s different. It’s kind of fun being in front of a live audience and TVs.”

“I’m always a little hesitant on buzzing, because it’s worth points and if you buzz in, the other teammates can’t buzz in,” said Allison Akins. “But, it’s always exciting when you absolutely know the question and you buzz in and it’s the correct answer.”

Students say the competition adds an element of excitement.

“I’ve always liked sports and just have a competitive nature,” said Matthew Ripplinger. “So, I kind of like that. And then, I like being able to kind of test my knowledge versus other people, as well.”

The students have been competing together for so long, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Matt’s usually our literature person,” said Caleb Rathburn. “And Tanner and I are pretty up on current events, so that’s what we do well at, as well as sports.”

Players are tested on a wide variety of academic subjects, which also translates to success in the classroom.

“If I hear a question that intrigues me, I’ll go home and research it,” said Mateus. “So, it helps me be more interested in learning.”

The Belvidere North students have big plans for next year:

Rathburn plans to attend University of Illinois where he will major in Business.

Atkins is going to Lake Forest College to major in Biology.

Ripplinger will attend Arizona State University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Mateus is a junior, so he still has time to decide his future plans.

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