Belvidere Parade Cancellation Has Some Veterans Upset


Every year, the city of Belvidere hosts a Veterans Day parade involving students, Cubs Scouts and veterans. But since kids have school Wednesday, the parade has been canceled.

The school had the option of giving students a day off for Columbus Day or Veterans Day, and elected, this year, to take Columbus Day.

“A lot of people are taking a stand for it and not coming to school,” says Belvidere High Freshman Lexi Keating.

Veteran John Darley used to take part in the traditional parade every year, as an honor guard. “As a veteran, I’m very disappointed. It’s been a proud moment in my life during the year.”

So, Belvidere native and marine veteran Bryce Trevino, and others, will hold a peaceful stand down Wednesday morning outside Belvidere High, to express how they feel about students hitting the books on Veterans Day.

“[We’ll be] standing out there, showing that we are stronger than the decisions that they have made, and we are going to disapprove with the decision”, says Bryce Trevino.

The decision is personal for Trevino. His brother, Brandon Ramey, died fighting in Iraq and so Veterans Day has special meaning. But, he says he’s not pointing fingers; he just doesn’t want this to happen again next year.

“I don’t blame the present board, currently. But we need to take, in perspective, the future calendar. And this can’t happen again,” says Trevino. “I think it’s very unfair and it should be changed next year and it shouldn’t have happened this year. And it was very ridiculous to start with,” says Keating.

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