BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — The Belvidere Fire Department undergoes constant training to be better prepared, and a recent session caught a little special someone’s eye.

The fire department has been training at a house for the past few weeks learning hose line advancements and primary search techniques. Neighbors often stopped by during training to see what they were doing, and one of those neighbors was a young girl.

“They went out to the garage and they were writing the note and they were googling the words,” said Tracy Follis, Kaylee Lowery’s mother. “They didn’t want any help from us.”

Lowery, 6, said that she has always wanted to be a firefighter and wanted to show her appreciation with a hand-written letter.

“They were just working so hard,” Lowery said. “They’re helping our country and our city.”

She said in the letter that she wants to be a part of the Belvidere Fire Department when she grows up. Belvidere Fire Captain Chad Cunningham said the she is brave little girl, and that is what makes a great firefighter.

“I mean, we read it and it all touched us a lot,” Cunningham said. “It’s why we do this job, for things like that.”

The department was so touched and surprised that they wanted to do the same for her. They gave her a pink fire hat, a bag of goodies and, of course, a big hug from “Sparky.”

“It made us very proud and it was super exciting for them,” Follis said. “It’s something they will never forget, you know? Shows how good Belvidere is.”

Lowery and her family hopes that the rest of the community shows appreciation to the hardworking firefighters.