Better Business Bureau Warns of new IRS Phone Scams


Debra Lindermeyer has been receiving calls non-stop from scam artists pretending to be from the IRS. They tell her that she is being sued, and owes them three thousand dollars.

She says, “The first time I got [the scam call] I was really scared. They had me crying. They told me they was gonna take everything I owned.”

Lindenmeyer says the scammers used scare tactics to try to get her to pay up. They even threatened to come to her house and throw her behind bars.

She says, “Everything was running through my mind. What am I gonna do? Am I gonna have to call my kids and see if somebody will bail me out? Are my dogs going to bite somebody, and then they are gonna have to shoot them? I mean it is really nerve wrecking.”

She’s not the only person that has been receiving the false threats. Rockford’s Better Business Bureau has been receiving a lot of calls recently from residents saying they received threats from scammers.

The “BBB” says the scammers have upped their antics lately because the scams have been working.

He says, “When people get those phone calls, they react frankly out of fear in some cases and do as they’re asked.”

The scam artists usually target the elderly. Horton says the IRS will never call you threatening to throw you in jail about your taxes. He says the IRS will send a letter to your home if they have any issues.

Horton advises Stateliners to simply hang up if they receive the call, and notify them right away. You can contact the Better Business Bureau at (815) 963-2222.

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