Biden’s cabinet pushes ‘Build Back Better’ in Illinois


CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) – A member of President Biden’s cabinet was in Illinois to make a push for his “Build Back Better” agenda.

Secretary Marcia Fudge toured an affordable housing project in Chicago. The president’s $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure bill includes billions for housing construction and rehabilitation, economic development and community revitalization.

Fudge also emphasized efforts to create more homeowners.

“We are making sure that if you are burdened with student loan debt, we are going to neutralize that debt, so that you can become credit worthy,” Fudge said. “If you need a down payment on your home, we are going to help you get one. We are going to have mortgages that are now 40 years, instead of 30, to help bring down the cost of your mortgage payments, monthly. We are doing all we know how to do.”

To get all democrats on board with the plan, the White House admitted on Tuesday that the bill’s price tag will have to go down.

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