ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Americans are sparing no expense this year when it comes to Halloween.

The National Retail Federation says there will be $10.6 billion spent in 2022 on all things spooky.

About $500 million of that will be spent on costumes for pets, an 18-percent increase from 2020.

That’s right. The Halloween pet costume industry is booming and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. From bats to beach balls, pets will sport just about every costume imaginable this year.

The trend has not been lost on the Stateline. Residents across the region are dressing up their dogs and cats and taking them trick-or-treating and to a variety of pet-centric events.

“Her name played into this big time,” said Casey Easton, whose Australian shepherd named Yeti won the Funniest Costume award Saturday at the 2022 Bark on Mulford Costume Contest.

Easton, of Rockford, dressed Yeti as a Yeti-brand cooler. The costume was made from a painted cardboard box, cotton, empty Natural Light cans and miscellaneous materials.

All in, a creative get up like the Yeti cooler costs about $30, including the beer.

For those who don’t have the time to get creative, retailers offer a wide selection of premade costumes for dogs, cats, and more. These little ensembles typically fall in the $10 to $30 range.

Here are the five most popular pet Halloween costumes of 2022

5. Witch

Most witch costumes are one-piece outfits with a matching hat. That’s all that’s needed to turn any fury friend into a little spell caster for Halloween.

4. Bumble bee

The bumble bee costume usually consists of a classic black and yellow shirt or sweater with mesh wings sewn in and an antennae headband.

3. Bat

Bat costumes are typically just harnesses with little spring-loaded wings sewn in. They’re lightweight and easy to put on.

2. Hot dog

Some say this is arguably the most popular costume for dogs, especially Basset hounds and dachshunds. But, it’s No. 2 nevertheless. The hot dog is usually just a plush pullover body suit made to look like a frank in a bun garnished with mustard and other toppings. No ketchup.

1. Pumpkin

This popular orange and black costume has been edging out the hot dog for years. The suit is also a simple one: a little plush pullover with a classic jack-o-lantern face sewn or ironed on. Some costumes come with little hats to represent the pumpkin stem.

Do you dress up your pets for Halloween? Let us know!