Bike The Block hits Downtown Rockford


It’s not uncommon to bike to work or some it’s a chance to get some form of exercise into their daily routine, but one event downtown is highlighting the benefits of biking to the stores.

Lime bikes, furry bikes, and all sorts of two-wheelers.. roaming around downtown Rockford.

“Bike the block for us gets people down here moving around downtown a little more,” said Rick Barton, store manager of Rocktown Adventures.

A weekend spent biking and shopping on East State Street.

“Doing the event we are doing down here we hope that they come in the store and shop and see us,” said Barton. 

“I love riding my bike and I also love our fantastic downtown and all the great businesses that are there. So the chance to do both to let people walk and who bike use the whole street today was too enticing to pass up”, says biker Jennifer Smith.

Residents rode into Bike the Block to shop without any interruptions.  “I like the idea of the street being shut down so people can feel more free to flow places and you know the bike awareness is the next big thing going on right now for cars and bicycles to co-mingle on the streets,” said Namaste Studios Owner Ben Bogard.

“Really happy that they’re taking the time to do different events like this. It brings a bigger variety of people down”, says Owner of Minglewood Boutique shop Karen Elyea.

And to file into downtown store adding a boost to the local economy.

“Cycling in general in the community is seeing an uptick and recently with the Lime Bike,” said Biker Steve Fross.  “People wanting to get out and enjoy more things I think that the business should see an increase.”

“There’s lots of research that shows that folks who shop on bikes spend more money in the long term then folks who travel by car  and spend less per trip but spend more overall then folks that shop by car,” adds Smith.

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