Boone and McHenry County Voters to Consider Anti-Corruption Initiative On Election Day


On November 8th, residents will be able to vote on an anti-corruption initiative.

We spoke to one leader advocating to increase transparency for the way money moves in politics.
“We need to create representatives who represent the people who voted for them and not the people who funded their political campaigns,” said Elizabeth Lindquist, The Chapter Leader Represent Rockford.

The Rockford chapter of Represent Us introduced the measure two years ago, to both DeKalb and Winnebago County boards.

It passed both with overwhelming support.

Lindquist says the group’s focus is to stop politicians from taking campaign money from the special interests they regulate, increase transparency for campaign funding, and stop lobbying from representatives for five years after they leave office.

Now, Lindquist hopes Boone and McHenry county leaders will throw their support behind the measure.

“These are common sense reforms that would end what i see as political bribery, stop the secret money, and empower voters,” she said.

But not everyone is convinced.

“Again,” said Brad Stark, a member of the Boone County Board. “We’re voting on something where we don’t have all of the facts and details in my opinion.”

But Lindquist thinks differently.

“We aren’t calling anybody corrupt. We aren’t saying that any local officials, state officials or even national officials are corrupt. What we are saying is that we have a corrupt system, and we are trying to raise awareness.”

If this passes, it will give Represent Rockford and other chapters across the state more ammo to ask for this on a federal level, which is not currently allowed due to state laws.

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