Boone County Board Rejects Great Lakes Basin Freight Line


It was standing room only during Wednesday night’s Boone County Board meeting, as officials met to discuss a the Great Lakes Basin railroad project. The proposed railroad plan would bring a freight line through Boone County, and several surrounding counties throughout the Stateline.

The Boone County board voiced their concerns about the plan in a letter they plan to send to the railroad’s transportation board.

The concerns involve ground water issues, pollution, and economic factors that would be brought to the area by the rail line.

The letter also voices the concern of nearby residents who have openly opposed the freight line, fearing the loud noise would hurt their quality of living.

Boone County board member Denny Ellingson says safety is his main concern with the project.

He says, “In some of the areas, our water tables are as shallow as 2-3 feet below the soil, and they’re very large areas. So if there would be a spill on that, it could destroy all of the drinking water for the livestock, and the people in a good large area”

The freight line would also travel through Southern Wisconsin. A Rock County board member was at tonight’s meeting, suggesting the two counties join forces to oppose the proposed plan.

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