Boone County Home Damaged by EF-1 Tornado


“30 seconds. It was done in 30 seconds.”

Karen Scherer-Noftz describing how quickly an EF-1 tornado was able to move over her home, taking part of the roof with it. With insulation exposed, a tarp now covers a giant hole in her roof. She says she didn’t believe the storm was headed her way.

“I wasn’t too worried about it, I look at the radar, and…(I thought), it’s not gonna hit us,” she said. “All of the sudden I hear the wind pick up, and I heard this tremendous boom!”

Scherer-Noftz says when she looked outside to see what had made the sound, trees and other debris were already flying across her yard.

“The Direct TV antenna on the corner was taken by the tornado and ripped a hole in the roof, and continued on with the roof,” Scherer-Noftz said.

Sherer-Noftz’s living room was severely damaged by water and debris from the caved-in roof. Buckets now catch the rain water leaking through the tarp. And if that wasn’t enough, Scherer-Noftz’s porch was mangled by a falling tree.

“The family room here was piled with plaster, and insulation and water, and I had towels all over, but it didn’t do any good. It was heartbreaking. It really was,” she said.

Sherer-Noftz says her saving grace has been the surrounding community. Friends and family, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, and even the Belvidere High School football team stopping by to help her clean up.

“Lots of people have volunteered to come in and help me get things situated,” Scherer-Noftz said. “It’s gonna take time, you know. It took overnight, but it’s gonna take a long time to fix.”

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