Boone County Sheriff’s Department says farewell to fallen K9 Loki


BOONE COUNTY, Ill. (WTVO) — Stateline police departments gathered to honor the loss of one of their own on Saturday. Boone County Sheriff’s Department’s K9 Loki was killed in December after an alleged drunk driver hit the squad car he was in.

“Somebody that I drove around with 12 hours a day, always around. I consider him family, definitely. It was pretty rough, the past couple weeks have been pretty rough,” said Loki’s Handler, Deputy Robert Rosenkranz.

A funeral was held outside of Boone County Public Safety Building to honor Loki on Saturday. Deputy Rosenkranz says Loki was a friendly dog–and very good at his job.

“Loki was a very goofy dog as you can see by some of the photos out here. Very friendly, I was able to get him out and we could walk up to kids and they would be able to pet him. He was just one of those dogs where he can be friendly and if he needed to be mean he could be mean but overall he was very friendly and very good at his job,” Deputy Rosenkranz said.

Rosenkranz has worked with Loki by his side for the last 15 months. He added that Loki is a part of his family and losing him has been an adjustment.

“One of those things, especially in the car, I haven’t driven by myself in the car for a while so even something as simple as going through the drive-thru and not have my ears ringing from him barking it’s, it’s an adjustment,” Deputy Rosenkranz explained.

Boone County Sheriff David Ernest tells us that Loki had a special way of interacting with the public.

“Loki was fantastic with kids. You know, part of the K-9 program is community outreach, community policing, that’s a big part of it, but it’s also that interaction with the public and that K-9 Loki was fantastic at that,” Sheriff Ernest said.

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