Boy Scout Honors Fallen Civil War Vets


The sound of taps being played on the bugle gives the feel of honoring a fallen hero, but this isn’t a typical burial ceremony. That’s because no one is being buried, but rather getting the recognition they earned more than 150 years ago. Nine Civil War soldiers, who were already buried in the Rockton Township Cemetery receive a free government issued headstone for their service, and it’s all thanks to a young man who is now an Eagle Scout, Aaron Jolly.

“I’ve always been into history and researching stuff,” Aaron, who spent over a year gathering the information and getting the approval from the V.A., said. “This just sounded cool to me.”

The idea came to pursue this project came from the sexton of the cemetery, Jerri Noller, who reached out to Aaron’s troop asking for help, and Noller says he was the perfect fit.

“The biggest thing with doing a project like this is people have to want to do it, number one,” Noller said. “(And) he was a person that really wanted to do it.”

Aaron’s drive to follow through with the project comes as no surprise for his mom, Lisa, because of the passion, she says, he has for scouting.

“We never had to convince him to go to a meeting or sort of push him in anyway,” Lisa said of her son. “He just always found it something that he wanted to do.”

Now an Eagle Scout, Aaron says he’s just honored to be a part of a prestigious group of people.

“At the end of the day, knowing that I made it all the way and there are only so many Eagle Scouts who make it all the way through scouting, I’m very humbled to a part of all the big names who have been Eagle Scouts and have gone on to do great things,” Aaron said.

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