Boy Who Witnessed Barmore Shooting Testifies


A jury heard new testimony Thursday afternoon from those who were inside the daycare at Kingdom Authority Church on the day of the Mark Barmore shooting.

Keshaun Jones, now 16 years old, describes his fear as officers entered the room:

“Police officers came downstairs, yelling at us, guns pointed, and I just…I ain’t wanna die,” said Jones, who was a mere 8-years-old at the time of the shooting.

The boy testifyed today that the incident even caused him to have nightmares.

“It put like, permanent fear in my heart, of police officers,” said Jones.

Meanwhile, the detectives who testified said none of the kids were visibly upset after the shooting took place. Detective Simon Solis saying of the kids he interview, “not one of them” was upset.

The adults, however, were a different story. Solis said he interviewed Pastor Melvin Brown’s wife Sheila, who became upset during questioning.

“While she was talking, she backed away from me, and then she said something about…the officers murdered Mark,” said Solis.

The trial will continue for two more weeks, with 60 witnesses expected to testify.

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