Brace for Harsh Winter in Stateline: Part 2


Well, here we go again, winter lovers. Another winter forecast has been released. This time, by AccuWeather forecasters.

And, like the Old Farmers’ Almanac, this forecast shouts, “brace for a bad winter” across all of Illinois and Wisconsin.

If we had to use a few words to summarize this winter forecast for the Rockford area this season, they would include:

  • Cold
  • Chilly
  • Freezing
  • Frigid
  • Snowy
  • Stormy
  • Active
  • Different

The list could go on and on with similar adjectives as the ones listed above based off of what forecasters believe will happen this season. “Different” is included because this winter will be quite different than what we saw last year. This is according to forecasts, of course.

Winter is expected to get an early start in the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northern Plains. Snowpack is expected to develop by early December across portions of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Dakotas. This will contribute to even colder temperatures than expected. Average temperatures will range from 6-9° lower than last winter. The temperatures will get even colder as the winter progresses.

Areas in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Dakotas could see temperatures between -20° and -30° during the heart of winter. This kind of cold could ooze into the Stateline area, but is not expected to be quite as severe.

With shots of cold and frequent storms in the forecast, the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area will see plenty of chances for snow, ice, frigid cold, and even a rain-snow mix. Of course, this is all according to forecasts.

So, buckle up. This winter could be quite the ride!

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