Breast Cancer: Kimberley Baker’s Story of Survival


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re highlighting one local woman’s story of survival.

In 2012, Kimberley Baker was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer just two weeks before her 21st birthday.  It all started innocently enough with an itch under her arm.  But, then she felt a lump right next to it.  Baker then spent the next two years in and out of chemotherapy.  We’re happy to report she’s cancer free.  Now, she’s raising awareness.

“Just be familiar with how your breasts feel,” said Baker.  “Not necessarily doing monthly checkups or anything, it doesn’t have to be super intense like that.  But, just know how it feels and if there are changes to go see a doctor just to make sure because you don’t want to just let it go and think it’ll go away.”

Baker tells us her ordeal wasn’t as scary as she thought it would be.  She lived one day at a time until doctors told her she won her battle.

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