Breastfeeing is legal in all 50 states

Breastfeeding Woman

Utah and Idaho, the final two states without laws protecting nursing mothers who need to breast feed in public, have passed new legislation, “legalizing” the action across the country.

There was some resistance in Utah, with Republican Representative, Curt Webb, fearing the wording of the bill would lead to immodesty.

The line “…whether the woman’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast-feeding,” which drove Webb’s fears, was removed from the final bill, which passed 66-5.

Idaho’s bill passed with ease; not a single vote was cast against protecting breastfeeding women.

However, Idaho only protects mothers from indecent exposure and obscenity laws. The bill does not state that women have the right to breastfeed in public. 

With these two bills, The United States is up to speed with other nations across the world, including the U.K and Australia, that protect mothers who breastfeed. 

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