Brick and Mortar Stores Find Ways to Compete Against Online Shopping


Fleet Feet owner, Melissa Pratt, understands that people can buy workout apparel online for deals during Amazon’s Prime Day, but says it misses a crucial human component.

“You’re sitting down with people who really care about you,” says Pratt. “They get to know you and want to know what your purpose is and what brought you in.”

Fleet Feet Sports opened its’ doors in June in Rockford, and Pratt says the response from the community has been awesome.

“The Rockford community is very loyal to brick and mortar stores, which is awesome,” says Pratt.

Like many local businesses in Rockford, they offer a personal shopping experience that can’t be matched by online shopping.

“We can offer something that other stores might not get via online,” says Pratt. “It’s really sitting down, it’s someone looking at your foot.”

“It’s someone watching you walk, and helping you making a really inform decision about the pair of shoes that you need,” Pratt explains.

A local runner, Annabel Seeling, says she comes into the store to buy workout apparel because buying shoes online don’t always fit correctly.

“Especially for clothes and shoes I think it’s inconvenient. I have a very busy lifestyle,” says Seeling.

“So it’s hard having to return a lot of items. So [at Fleet Feet] you take your shoes home and you know you love them.”

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