INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) — A burglar struck the Indianapolis home an HGTV star, leaving a nasty calling card in the process.

Karen E Laine – the star of the Indianapolis-based home-flipping show Good Bones – says the recent break-in was the third time someone got into her home, and the second time an individual left a fecal surprise in her garage. The latest incident came the same day her youngest daughter got married. The burglar entered through a back gate before getting into their garage.

“Last Saturday someone came in, stole more things, and pooped in the garage,” says Laine.

After the first break-in, Laine found her husband’s bike stolen and poop left in a bucket in the garage.

“It seems very personal and intentional,” said Laine, adding that the suspect rummaged through their bathroom in the garage. “So they know we have a bathroom. That’s what makes it feel personal because it’s not, ‘Oh, I need to go to the bathroom.’ It’s, ‘I’m going to leave my feces behind for you to clean up.’”

This second incident involved a break-in while her family slept. The crook made off with her purse. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports say the suspect used a stolen card at several locations afterward. What the crook didn’t realize is Laine is a former deputy prosecutor.

“Probably not the house you want to burglarize because I was immediately on the case,” smiled Laine. “I found out where my credit cards were used. I got it to law enforcement. I said ‘you need a warrant today to get an address on this.’ [The investigator] was able to recover video, so we may have people on video.”

IMPD continues to investigate the incidents. Laine says officers are also analyzing the feces for DNA.