(WTVO) — Amazon’s Alexa development team unveiled a new feature that allows its AI assistant to mimic anyone’s voice – including dead relatives.

In a demo given at the company’s annual re:MARS conference, video was shown of a child asking Alexa to read “The Wizard of Oz” in the voice of his dead grandmother.

Amazon’s head Alexa scientist, Rohit Prasad, said, “In these times of the ongoing pandemic, when so many of us have lost someone we love. While AI can’t eliminate that pain of loss, it can definitely make their memories last.”

“We are unquestionably living in the golden era of AI, where our dreams and science fiction are becoming a reality,” he said.

The technology works by sampling just one minute of a person’s voice, Prasad said.

According to The Verge, Amazon has not said if the feature will ever be made public.

Critics have voiced security concerns with the ability to re-create a person’s voice pattern. Amazon said the feature isn’t explicitly meant to recreate the voices of deceased family members.