(WTVO) — Ford is telling dealers to stop selling its Mustang Mach-E electric crossover after a safety defect was detected.

According to Ford, the vehicle’s high-voltage battery contacts can potentially overheat and weld together, due to a manufacturing defect, causing the vehicle to malfunction and lose power while in motion.

The automaker said vehicles affected include 2021 and 2022 Mach-E’s that were built between May 27, 2020 and May 24, 2022 at the Cuautitlan plant in Mexico.

Nearly 49,000 of the 100,000 Mach-E’s built will be part of the recall, according to CNBC.

As with many new vehicle launches, Ford has issued several recalls for the Mach-E, including software errors, loose bolts, or inadequate bonding of glass panel roofs.

Similarly, Chevrolet issued a stop-sale for its electric Bolt EV in 2021 over a potential defect in its lithium-ion propulsion battery, which the company said was responsible for a dozen vehicle fires. Chevy’s battery supplier, LG Energy Solution, spent nearly $2 billion replacing batteries in affected vehicles. The Bolt resumed production in April 2022.